No JUNK FOOD Challenge !


Hey Everyone !

I have decided to pull up my socks and finally do this NO JUNK FOOD challenge. Ever since my wedding and honeymoon I have been on a loose with regards to my diet and weight loss and with all the fun and frolic going on I havnt been able to get serious at all.

So finaly I have decided that its time that  I step up and get my act together with this 21 day challenge.

So who else wants to be part of this simple No junk food challenge ?

Do comment and let me know !



Homemade Quinoa & Tuna Fish Cutlets – Weekend Indulgence!


Hey Everyone !

I know weekends are like our cheat days, so why not cheat healthy. I have this awesome protein packed quinoa & tuna fish cutlets for you all..If you are a vegetarian skip the fish. Do read on for more …..
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Best Rice for Weight Loss – Wild & Brown Rice


Hey Girls !

Today I am going to speak about the benefits of eating wild rice and brown rice, now I am sure most of you are already aware and familiar with brown rice. But wild rice is something different. Both wild and brown rice are very healthy and high in fiber, as you all know brown rice is high in fibre but wild rice is even more higher. Its great source of fibre as compared to those strange fibre drinks that people consume.

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Simple & Easy Homemade dry chicken



Hey Everyone!

A Couple of you did ask me to share some more healthy eating recipes, so this is what I cooked some days back. I love this dry chicken recipe of mine, its perfect for dinner along with some salad. It’s not fried and has very less oil in it, making it a healthy meal. Now if your someone who is on a strict diet I would suggest you go in for chicken breast, but I feel the thighs are more tender and I enjoy them more.

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