Lush Big Shampoo –

Hey Everyone,

So today I have a review on this really awesome Product that I have been obsessing around since over a month.

Now Firstly I am someone who has straight hair which lacks volume also because my hair is so dam straight, my scalp gets oily and greasy very fast. If I wash my hair today immediately the next day it gets oily. So yea I hate it and its sucks since I have to wash it regularly or I would have to use a dry Shampoo(which never really works for me).

So for someone like me I always needed a clarifying shampoo and a volumizing shampoo. So some days I would use the clarifying one, especially the days I workout as it gets even more oily. Whereas the other days I would need a Volumizing shampoo so that my hair doesn’t fall flat.However ever since I discovered the LUSH BIG SHAMPOO, its done wonders for me. Its clarifies my scalp really well, since its full of salt and the lemon and seaweed help to give me volume.

LUSH BIG SHAMPOO – A volumizing shampoo made with seaweed and sea salt. While the salt lifts the hair and adds body, it also softens the hair alongside extra virgin coconut oil and protein-rich toothed wrack seaweed. Lemon and lime allow the hair to shine as they allow the cuticle on your hair to lie flat, meaning they reflect more light. Use a small amount on wet hair and work it in well to build lather. 

Cleansing and refreshing
Strengthening and revitalising
Refreshing and rejuvenating

FINAL REVIEW : Ever since I have started using this shampoo I find a big change in my hair. My hair has gotten more softer, it has more volume and my scalp feels really good and clean. I don’t need to use a lot of product, a small dim is all that you need it lather really well. You will actually see its more than 60% corse sea salt that you are actually using on your hair. The product also lathers really well, has an amazing fragrance as well.

The one downside is that LUSH products are heavy on the pocket, I guess since they are all handmade and they use fresh organic products only.

I would like to add a video here below of how the big shampoo is actually made.Hope you guys have enjoyed this review.

How its made : BIG SHAMPOO

Do click on the link above  to see how its made.


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