Grandma’s Secret For Glowing skin !

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Hey Everyone,

When I was a kid I remember my grandmom giving me bath with gramflour, and trust me she sweared by it. She never use soap but just gramflour, honestly I hated it. Somehow I just never liked how it smelled and how it felt. But yea, each time she came to give me a bath she  always made sure it was with gramflour.

Everytime she used gramflour I did notice my skin glow and was even softer and smoother. As I grew up I stopped using it for my shower, but instead I started incorporating it in my face mask.

This pack has really helped me a lot, specially since my skin is very prone to acne and breakouts.

Face Pack :

  • Besan ( Gram flour) 1 tbsp (Chick pea flour)
  • Turmeric 1/2 tsp
  • Milk to form paste
  • few drops of Lime juice
  • Honey (Optional)

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Benefits of this Face Pack :

  • Turmeric has a lot of healing properties. It cures acne, prevent skin damage, lightens facial hair and also helps in brightening and giving your face that extra glow.
  • Gramflour has been traditionally used mainly for its skin and heath properties. It’s a great exfoliator and cleanser for your skin. It removes tan, fights pimples,reduces oiliness, also gives your skin an instant fairness.
  • Milk  helps is hydrating dry skin, also helps in exfoliating and soothing the skin.
  • Lemon helps in reducing acne scar and lightening your skin complexion.

I love how my skin feels and looks after I have used this mask, the pic above is the difference after I used the face pack . Please note I havent used any filter for this picture. I just clicked it as soon as I took the pack off. I noticed my skin more softer, acne scars also lightened and there was an amazing glow.


So whats your grandma’s secret for skin? Let me know in the comment box below





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