Beauty Blender for Beginners !


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PAC Beauty Blender –


Hi Everyone,

So today I m going to talk about the Beauty Blender its  such an amazing tool to blend any liquid/cream foundation,concealer,contour or even powder. Now if you are someone who is new to makeup or a someone who is new to the whole beauty blender band wagon, then I would recommend to go in for the PAC Cosmetics beauty blender. Since the original beauty blender is way to expensive.

Product Description & Claims : The unique shape & exclusive material which is edgeless sponge a high-definition cosmetics sponge applicator. This sponge will allow the product to sit on the top of the sponge rather than being absorbed. Allowing you to complete your make-up application with less products & less time. When beauty blender is wet it would double in size & become even softer. It would returned to its own size after its dries Top Tip: Use this unique sponge for your cream, liquid or powder foundation. It can also be used contouring, highlighting with cream or powder products.

Price : Rs 485/-


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PAC Beauty Blender –

It looks a lot like the Original beauty blender, however it’s not as soft and smooth as compared to the original.

Best Way to Use : Damp it with water or Any makeup spray and then use it for that flawless base.

Please make sure you wash your beauty blender each and every time you use it. 

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PAC Beauty Blender –

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PAC Beauty Blender –

If you cant get your hands on PAC Cosmetics, then you could go in for the real techniques miracle sponge which is equally good.

Hope you enjoyed this post, do let me know if you girls want me to do a demo video.

Have you tried the PAC Cosmetic beauty blender ?

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