Favourite Perfume : Victoria Secrets BOMBSHELL !


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Hey Everyone !

Todays Post is a bit different, I wanted to share with you’ll my favourite perfume of all time. I can never get enough of this one, I even used it for my wedding and it lasted me a good couple of hours.

I love the Combination of the Body Lotion along with the perfume, it intensifies the fragrance and makes it even more long-lasting. Now personally I am not a big fan of fruity or flowery fragrances, for me I prefer the citrus or musky ones. But this one is something else ladies, I can never get enough of the fragrance it’s actually makes you feel like a BOMBSHELL.



I love the packaging, BOMBSHELL is their signature collection. The bottle comes in a nice emerald cut shape, with sophisticated stripes giving it an amazing luxurious feel.

The best part about fragrance is it’s not too sweet or flowery but yet has an awesome sexy fragrance to it. On the packaging it says “Sexy today, sexy tomorrow, sexy forever: our signature award-winning Bombshell fragrance in a gorgeous emerald-cut bottle”.

The Fragrance is infused with :

  • Purple Passion Fruit – A crisp fruity floral, from the jungles of brazil
  • Sunstruck Pine – Fresh Woody and found on the Italy coast
  • Shangri La Peony – the soft scents of Tibetant Blooms
  • Vanilla Orchids – A sensual floral native to Madagascar


So if you are on the hunt for a really nice perfume, this one is a must have. I prefer using it with the body lotion since the fragrance last even longer and its more intense as well.



I do get asked what perfume I wearing once I have this one on ! It’s truely remarkable and amazing how you feel .

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and do let me know which is your favourite perfume I love hearing from you girls, please do not forget to subscribe and share for more on the PInkApple!




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