Hey Girls,

I know we all go through those days where in we just don’t have the time to go to the spa or a salon for a facial. So the best thing that I like to do is a DO IT YOURSELF FACIAL AT HOME, I love to pamper my skin and make sure it gets the best treatment even though its done at home.

Now there are different types of facial which you can do at home if you have the right products or ingredients, however for me I prefer doing a fruit facial or an aloe vera facial. Its Simple girls, if you doing a fruit facial use an orange its infused with Vitamin C and great for your skin…and if you have dry skin then aloe vera juice or gel is perfect..

So pull your hair back and make sure you have some nice music going on in the background !

Step 1  GET CLEAN 

Make sure you cleanse your skin, that’s the most important step. Remove all your makeup and excess dirt or oil by using a facial wipe or your favourite cleanser. Then wash ur face with nice luke warm water to take off any product.


Exfoliation helps to take off all your dead skin from the surface, it also helps in making your product penetrate in better. You can use any mild face scrub of your choice and gently scrub your face in circular motions. I love to use any apricot base scrub, since its gentle on your skin.

Step 3 STEAM

Steaming softens the skin, increases blood flow,  and also opens up your pores . Now this helps for your face mask to penetrate in better. If you have very oily skin which is prone to acne do not steam for too long.


This is the best fun part, give yourself a nice massage. If you doing a fruit facial I prefer to massage my skin with an orange and some ice for that extra glow also you can use any other fruits like papaya etc…Also you can massage your skin with aloe vera juice or gel.


Choose a face mask that is perfect for your skin type. Now you can make your face mask at home or you can use a ready-made one, the choice is yours . Keep the face mask for as long as you like and then wash off with water.


Lastly girls don’t forget to moisturize, if you are heading out dont forget your sunscreen.

Thats it ladies, it’s all simple as easy and really fun to do at home…you could tag your girl friends as well and have a fun spa day at home !

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