Homemade Quinoa & Tuna Fish Cutlets – Weekend Indulgence!



Hey Everyone !

I know weekends are like our cheat days, so why not cheat healthy. I have this awesome protein packed quinoa & tuna fish cutlets for you all..If you are a vegetarian skip the fish. Do read on for more …..

If you are not aware about what is quinoa ill leave a link to it out here – http://ancientharvest.com/ancient-grains/organic-quinoa/  Its very healthy and great for weight loss.

I love how the combination of quinoa and fish taste, this is such an easy and cool recipe girls. You just have to try it out to know!

Since you need to fry them with oil, I wouldn’t advice to have this regularly. But its a great option for Cheat Days 🙂


1 Cup Quinoa

1 Can Tuna in Water ( I prefer Geisha but you can use any brand)

2 Chopped Onions

3 Chopped Green chillies

1 to 2  eggs to bind

1 tsp lime juice

Cornflour to bind

salt as per taste

Canola Spray Oil / Olive Oil


 Step 1. First Cook your Quinoa, 1 cup quinoa with 2 cups water. Cook for 30 to 45 mins, once it done strain out the extra water and keep it aside.

Step 2. Take your tuna out of the can, strain the extra water. Then smash the tuna and add in your onions, eggs, chillies, lime & a pinch of salt.

Step 3. Add the quinoa to your tuna mixture and mix it all well. Then add in your cornflour to bind it well and make sure you can make small round balls.

Step 4. Make small round patties of your choice, I think the smaller the better to cook.

Step 5. Heat up your non stick pan, add in your olive oil or spray oil of your choice and fry the cutlets well both side.

Once its cooked take them out on a kitchen tissue roll to soak up any extra oil and serve with nice sauce of your choice.

Do let me know in the comment box what you though of this and if you ever give it a try to do share the pics.

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