Hair Care Series Part 2 : Fine thin hair Dilemma


Hey Everyone !

In today hair care series we going to talk about fine thin straight hair i.e also my hair type. A lot of us do come under this hair type, we have that perfect straight hair but it lacks volume, bounce and thickness. So today’s post is going to be on my personal experience and problems that I face with straight long thin hair.

These are some tips & tricks which have helped me over the years to make my hair look good and more fuller.

Tips & Tricks :

  • Avoid Long hair, yea I know no matter how much we love long hair it’s not something which we thin hair girls can actually have. Max until your bra strap is perfect to give an illusion of thick hair.
  • Avoid too much of layers when you cut your hair, layers tend to make your hair thinner. So make sure you get only one or two layers max and also long layers, so that adds volume.
  • Use a volumizing shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner.
  • Make use of a volumizing spray before you blow dry your hair.
  • Always Always Blow dry your hair upside down, it really works wonders.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo once in a while to get rid of that extra sebum from you scalp, that makes your hair look even more flatter
  • Try and use rollers to your hair for that extra bounce
  • Bangs also work well to create that nice face framing
  • Dont not use too much product on your hair
  • Try back combing or teasing your hair for that extra volume and fullness.
  • Dry Shampoo is your best Friend.

Some Cool home remedies for Thin Hair :

  • Apply a mixture of amla juice and lemon juice on your scalp for 10 minutes and then wash it with normal shampoo. This helps when your hair is greasy and oily.
  • Apply coconut milk or aloe vera gel along with wheat germ to your hair, this combination works very well.
  • Onion juice is great for the scalp, as the sulphur helps in hair growth and thickening

I do hope this post was helpful enough, do let me know in the comment box your take on this one.

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