Detox this Summer !

Hey Girls,

I know the summer is kicking in and the best way to beat the heat is  with some really cool and easy detox juices. These are great for the summer as well as for weight loss, and are packed with vitamins and nutrients.



Detox Juice 1 : 

1 Big Carrot

1 Apple

2 tbsp ginger

Add water along with these in your blender and your good to go .

Detox Juice 2 :

1 Beet Root

1 Carrot

1 Apple

This one is really amazing, it’s called the ABC Juice, add water and blend it all in your blender !

Detox Juice 3 :

1 Tomatoe

2 orange

1 cup pineapple

This one is my personal favourite, I just love the way its taste. Add water and blend it all.

Detox Juice 4 :

6 kale stalks

2 cucumbers

1 apple

For all you green lovers out there, this one is perfect. Just add your water and blend it all .

These juices are great to cleanse your system as well as add that extra glow to your skin. So this summer make sure you detox with these really cool and refreshing juices.

Please do comment in the box below which one is your favourite, also do let me know whats your summer detox like.

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