Quick & Healthy Lettuce Egg Wrap !

Alohaaa !

I have another  Healthy Low Carb recipe for you all which is great for dinner or lunch, since you want to keep it light and not too heavy. It’s a perfect post workout meal as well, since its packed with proteins and vitamins.





Egg Whites only 3

 Salt & Pepper as per your taste

Lettuce Leaves around 4

1 Onion chopped (optional)

1 tomatoe small chopped (optional)

Steamed Chicken (optional)


 Step 1. Wash your lettuce leaves, leave them aside to dry.

Step 2. Beat your egg whites with salt and pepper, then add in your remaining ingredients.

Step 3. Take your non stick pan add your olive oil or spray oil, make your egg white omelette as per your liking.

Step 4.  Once your omelette is ready keep it aside, then take your lettuce leaves and plate it…put ur omelette on top of the lettuce leaves and make a roll out of it.

There are you have your perfect lettuce egg wrap, substitute your bread with healthy green lettuce leaves. This really keeps me full throughout the night.

Hope you all enjoyed this recipe and stay tuned for more on health & fitness.

Do let me know in the comment box what you though of this and if you ever give it a try to do share the pics.





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