Foundation Do’s & Don’ts :


Hey Everyone !

A Couple of days back I had put a blog post on Finding your perfect foundation shade, I did get a lot of feedback and questions. So I have decided to do another blog post on some Do ‘s & Don’t’s when it comes to your foundation. As you all know I love skin care, I think in any makeup look that you do skin is the most important.


1. Knowing your skin typing –Oily, dry, or combo ? It’s the most important step.
2. Prep your skin with the right Moisturizer and then don’t forget the perfect primer for your skin.
3. Make sure you know what finish you want from your foundation –  Light or medium or Full coverage.
4. Match the foundation to your body…you don’t want to look different on your face and different on your body.
5. The Right tools for your foundation application – brushes, finger, beauty blender. In order to get that perfect base…blending is key.
6. Lastly don’t forget to set it a loose powder .


1. Firstly don’t just pick a foundation because it looks good on someone else, it make  not always work for  you.
2. Don’t skip your primer!
3. Don’t just match the foundation to your hand, check with your neck, jaw line & shoulder.
4. Don’t just apply your foundation with your fingers like a cream, it needs to be blended in the right way.
5. Please do not sleep with your foundation on, it will clog your pores and give you break outs.

Hope these Tips help you in getting your base right, do let me know in the comment box whats your best foundation tip.

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