Egg & Spinach stuffed Omelette – Low Carb Lunch

Hey Everyone !

So its time for some healthy eating recipe, I have a super easy and quick recipe which is a perfect low carb lunch/dinner option. It’s very filling and packed with nutrients, so do try this one at home !



Egg Whites only 4

 Steamed Spinach/ Palak ( as much as you want )

Grilled chicken (Optional)

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp Pepper powder

½ tsp salt

Low fat cheese – one slice ( any brand)

Olive Oil 1 tsp


 Step 1. Take your egg whites and beat it, then add in your salt,pepper and chilli powder.

Step 2. Steam  your spinach and keep it aside.

Step 3. Take your non stick pan add in your olive oil or spray oil, then add in your egg whites and cook it on both sides well done.

Step 4. Add in your cheese, spinach and grilled chicken( I had some grilled chicken so i just added it ) but its optional. Now fold the omelette half and cooked it well on both sides. Make sure you add the cheese last  after the spinach and chicken.

I like it a bit crisp, so I cook it a bit extra…Its a great low carb meal, it’s so filling so you don’t need any bread to go with it.

Do let me know in the comment box what you though of this and if you ever give it a try to do share the pics.




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