Skin Care Part 4 : Oils for your Skin

Hey Everyone !

In today Skin Care Series I am going to speak about different kinds of oils for your skin. Most of the oils contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients which helps to soothe your skin, giving you that extra glow and radiance. Also oils penetrate deeper into your skin as compared to most other products.


Here are some of my recommendations of oils, for certain skin problems.

1 Tea Tree Oil – This is great for acne prone skin, also if you are someone who can’t tolerate benzyl peroxide then tea tree oil is a great substitute for your skin care.


2 Argan Oil – Helps in the reduction of sebum, does making it best for people with oily skin.


3 Olive Oil – Best for people with dry skin, has great hydrating and moisturizing properties.

download (1).jpg

4 Chamomile Oil – Helps in reducing puffiness, healing wounds.


5 Neem Oil – Makes your skin super soft and supple.


6 Jojoba Oil – Helps its  neutralizing the PH levels of your skin, also controls break outs.


7 Eucalyptus Oil – Great for people with sensitive skin, contains both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

images (1).jpg

I really hope you enjoyed this post, do let me know in the comments box which is your favourite  facial oil.

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8 thoughts on “Skin Care Part 4 : Oils for your Skin

  1. MyCrazyAshLife says:

    I’ve been using the body shop tea tree oil toner and I feel like it has really helped my acne prone skin. I’ll use it in the evening after washing off my makeup and then again in the morning when I get up but I don’t wash my face.

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