Best Face Mask For All Skin Types !

Hey Everyone !

I am going to share with you all, my favourite face mask. I used it a lot last year before my wedding for the extra glow and it really worked for me. So why not share it with you all, especially  for those of you getting married this can be perfect for that extra glow. It really helped in making my skin look and feel better before my big day.

This Face mask takes care of acne, pigmentation, eczema & dark circles as well. It’s a perfect blend to meet all your skin care needs.



Ingredients :

1 teaspoon Turmeric

1 tablespoon Gram flour (Besan)

1 teaspoon of Milk

Few drops of Lime.

1 teaspoon Honey (Optional)

How to Prepare 

Take turmeric and gram flour and mix it both together, now add in your lime. Take your milk and add it depending on what consistency you prefer, i like it to be nice and thick like a paste. So adjust the milk as per your liking. Turmeric is a like a dye which can stain anything so i prefer the paste to be thick so that it doesn’t drip off and stain anything.

How to apply

Wash your face clean with water, do not add any cleanser or face wash. Make sure all your make up is taken off. Tie your hair back so that it doesn’t come in the way, and apply the paste with your fingers or a brush. I prefer the brush since turmeric stains my hands later.

Benefits of this mask 

Women in India have been using turmeric since ages now, turmeric is a good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial agent. It’s also used to cure burns and cuts.

Milk has lactic acid which helps in exfoliation of  your skin.

Honey helps in making your skin soft and acts like a moisturizer.

Lemon helps in reducing pigmentation and dark spots/acne scars.

So all together these ingredients work like a miracle, if used on a regular basis. I have noticed my skin glow and look much better after I started using this face mask. I would suggest you do a patch test before you apply this on your face, just incase it doesn’t agree with you.

Please do try this face mask and do let me know in the comment box below how it was or whats your favourite face mask

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10 thoughts on “Best Face Mask For All Skin Types !

  1. daisy360 says:

    I never knew turmeric could be use to heal or sort out my skin. I actually really like this post. I am definitely gonna have to try this out, I am struggling with bad skin lately so I am trying to lay off the makeup.
    Daisy x

    Liked by 1 person

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