Skin Care Part 2 -Routine to great skin

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to the skin care series, now since we all aware about our skin type. I am going to put down a simple yet effective guide for your skin care routine which I normally prefer doing. It’s very important to have a day time as well as night-time skin care routine, but whats even more crucial is the order of your routine along with the timing. Applying your skin care products in a proper order, makes the product more effective.


Skin Care Routine – (image outsourced)

For eg. If you apply your moisturizer over your sunscreen, it’s going to defy the purpose of the SPF. Since most moisturizers are water based in formula, this will dilute the SPF in the sunscreen by watering it down, thus causing it to be less effective. So girls, please keep in mind it’s really important to follow a proper skin care order.

This is a basic skin routine which I prefer and its suitable for all skin types.

Day time routine : 

  • Cleansing :
  • Toning :
  • Moisturizing:
  • Sunscreen:

Night time Routine :

  • Cleansing:
  • Toning:
  • Treatment Products:
  • Serum:
  • Eye cream :
  • Moisturizer/Night Cream/Face Oil

Step 1 Cleansing :The most important step is to cleanse your face well, if you are someone who wears makeup then make sure you take off your make up well and then cleanse you skin with a mild cleansing face wash or cream cleanser of your choice.

Step 2 Toning : Now after you have cleansed, make sure you take a toner. Mostly people tend to skin this part, but I just feel it’s really important since toners take off the excess dirt and oils which are embedded after you cleanse.

Step 3 Treatments : Now not everyone may need this step, if you have any acne treatment, pigmentation or anything other skin treatment that you are undergoing. Then make sure you do it after you have toned your skin.

Step 4 Serum : The next step is applying your serum if you use any.

Step 5 Eye cream : Those who have dark circles, wrinkles or fine lines, this step is a must.

Step 6 Moisturizer: Then comes in your moisturizer, it’s a must for everyone. Even if you have dry skin.

Step 7 Sun Screen/Night cream/Face Oil : The last step during the day is sunscreen, please don’t step out with a sunscreen even if you working in an office. At night your skin repairs and rejuvenates just like your body, so it’s the best time to apply your night creams or facial oils since they are absorbed in better.

I would just like to add here, listen to your skin and see what works for you. Since we all are so different and unique in our own way, what may work for me may not work for you. however I do hope this was of some help to you, take care of your skin and it will give you the results you need.

Please do let me know if you’ll follow this similar or routine or if you have any other of your own, just comment in the box below.

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