How to Ace your foundation Shade!

Hey Everyone!

So today I am going to speak about finding your perfect foundation shade, now we all know that skin is the most important thing in makeup. Getting your base/skin makeup perfect is the most crucial step for any makeup look. Whether it’s a bold or a simple eye look, your foundation has to be bang on.

Now picking the right shade of foundation to match your skin tone is really tricky. I am sure we all have picked the wrong shade some point in time. So today I am going to share with you all some of my own tips and tricks that I have been doing every time I go to pick a foundation for me. It’s going to be a long post but it’s really important, so please make sure you take the time to read on.


Foundation shade – (image outsourced)

The first step is to determine your skin undertone, i.e. warm, cool, n Neutral.

Warm – Means your skin has more of a yellowish or goldish undertone.

Cool – Means you get tan easily, your skin has a pinkish undertone.

Neutral – Means you have a mix of both of the above.

Now the best part is, how do you find out your skin undertone?

Well the first way is to check it with Jewelry, if you feel you look good with gold then you have a warm undertone, if you feel you look best with silver jewelry then you are a cool undertone. However if you feel you look best with both, then you have a neutral undertone.

If you still feel you’re not getting it right then, another really cool trick is to check your veins on your wrist. Now we all have them, so the best way is to check the color of veins and do check it in natural light.

If your veins appear green or olive in color, then you have warm undertone.

If they appear to be blue or purple in color, then you have a cool undertone.

However if you feel your somewhere in between, then you have a neutral undertone.

So I am pretty sure these tips and tricks should help you get it right, but if it still doesn’t work for you then go to the MAC store and ask them to find out your skin undertone.

Now days most of the brands make foundations under these skin tones, so once you know your skin undertone it really makes it a lot easier.


Skin undertone – (image outsurced)

Tip. 1

Please please do not test your foundation on your hand, it’s absolutely wrong. The Color of your hand is different from your face, your hand is either darker or lighter depending now how much you are exposed to the sun, so please make sure you do not test the foundation on your hand. The best way to test your foundation is either on your neck or jaw line, now I prefer checking it with my jaw line, since it’s between my face and neck so I do get a perfect shade.

Tip. 2

Do not trust the lighting in the store, now different outlets have a different lighting. So sometimes the shade may look good on you at the store, but once you come home and when you are in natural light you will realize that it doesn’t match and it looks way different from what it looked at the store. So what I prefer doing is that I test the foundation and then come out of the store, just to see if it matches me in natural light. Please take this extra 10 min to do so. Another thing what I normally like to do is, I test the foundation and roam around in the mall to see how it looks on me after some hours, since some brands of foundation do oxidize after a couple of hours, so I prefer to test it and buy it later on after a few hours.

Tip. 3

Well now another tip is to test the foundation at the store, and take a little sample home. I don’t see the reason to be embarrassed to ask for a sample. I mean common if you are going to spend a lot on a foundation why not just be a bit shameless and ask for a sample. So ya that’s the best tip, just take the sample home and try it on and see. You could also take like 2 to 3 shades of samples to see which one is the best.


Lastly if you already have your perfect shade then you could go online and test your shade for other brands. I’ll leave a link to one really cool site which does help you getting your shade right if you know your current foundation color.  For e.g. let’s say you know your shade in MAC but you want to know what it would be for L’Oreal or any other brand then this site will really help you

I really Hope you liked this post and I hope it was as helpful and informative, if you still have an queries and questions do leave me a comment in the  box below.

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14 thoughts on “How to Ace your foundation Shade!

  1. Elizabeth Rodrigues says:

    Thanks dear it really helped me as i have bought so many foundations of different brands, to name a few, mabeline, lakme, L’Oreal, and it has turned out to be a not the right one. so i will keep this in mind and follow this. Thanks once again.


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