Skin Care Part 1 – Different skin types.

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I have planned to do a series on Skin care, covering up all the different aspect of skin. So to begin with I think the most essential part in skin care is your type of skin. Each one of us has a different skin type, caring for your skin means first being aware of your skin type and the right products to compliment your complexion.

Your skin type may change some point in life and it could be due to many factors such as stress, hormones, age etc. So do make sure after a while you do update your skin care routine. Now your skin type can be determined by how much oil your skin releases, also diets, medication, stress etc can affect the oils in your skin.


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What are the different types of skin?

Now to start with there are 6 basic skin types: Oily, dry, normal, combination, aged or sun damaged and sensitive skin.

Oily skin – Now people with this skin type always tend to look shiny on their face, they have large open pores around the nose, chin & forehead. Oily skin types are mostly prone to blemishes and black heads. Also it’s noticed that if you have oily hair you most likely will have an oily skin.

Dry skin – If you skin is flaky, dry, lacks luster or looks dull then you have dry skin. People with such skin type often tend to notice dryness and red patches on the skin, also you may develop wrinkles and fine lines more easily.

Combination skin – It’s the most common skin type and it can be tricky since you have both oily and dry skin. If you have an oily T-zone (nose, forehead & Chin) and dryness around the cheeks or other parts of your skin, then you have a combination skin type. You will notice blackheads on the nose, also the pores are a bit large.

Sensitive skin – People with such skin type, often tend to have redness and irritation on the skin. You will notice that your skin is very delicate and your pores are really fine. Sometimes certain products could give you rashes and redness, if it doesn’t agree with you. You may also notice broken capillaries around the nose or cheek area.

Ageing or sun damaged skin – Such skin type are prone to hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. You may notice at times your skin lacks elasticity, more over wrinkles usually start to form around the mouth, eyes and forehead.

Normal skin – Well now it’s a blessing to have such a skin, however it’s rare. People with normal skin have an even texture and tone. Not much fine lines, wrinkles or large pores. You may notice acne but only in your younger years. Skin will always have a healthy glow.


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how to determine your skin type ?

Now incase you are not aware of what skin type you come under, then all you need to do is:

  • wash your face and then gently pat it dry with your towel
  • then leave it alone for sometime, do not apply any cream or moisturizer nor makeup.
  • Later after some hours, check and see which area is oily or which area is dry.
  • Look for fine lines , wrinkles or redness.

I am sure if you follow these steps you will be able to determine your skin type.

Do let me know if you’ll have any queries or if you want me to cover up any particular topic with regards to skin care.

Lots more coming up under skin care so stay tuned, share and subscribe for more !


4 thoughts on “Skin Care Part 1 – Different skin types.

  1. clairenconnell says:

    I LOVE that you made this blog to help people understand what skin type they are because it is uncommon for people to take the time and help others understand what their skin type is in order for them to buy the products they will need to take care of it! x

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