Make up Brushes for Beginners!

Hey Everyone!

The key to a perfect makeup look is blending, it’s really important to blend in each step from your foundation right to your eye shadows. Now in order to get your blending right, you need some real good makeup brushes.

I have put together some of my favorite  brushes, which can really help you in perfecting that makeup look. It’s important to have a good set of brushes if you going for a particular kind of look, or even if it’s a simple foundation along with an eyeliner and lipstick. I would still suggest you to always use a good set of brushes to get that flawless look.

All the brushes mentioned in the post are from REAL TECHNIQUES by SAM & NIC. Just to make it easier for all of you I have chosen just one brand, so that in case you plan on purchasing them it gets easy.

I have 2 set of brushes for you which will cover up all the areas of makeup. According to me if you have these 2 sets  you don’t need anything else.

Real Technique – Eye Starter Set (Mainly for different eye looks)




The Eye starter set comes in 5 different brushes, to enhance  make looks:

Deluxe Crease brush– Helps in blending of crease shadows, as well as applying any concealor or corrector under the eye.

Base Shadow Brush – It’s perfect to apply a smooth and flawless eye shadow colour.

Fine liner Brush – This one is mainly to be used with a gel or liquid liner. I used to apply my cat eye with a gel liner.

Accent Brush-Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging.

Brow Brush– Perfect to fill your brows and keep them in place.

Real Technique – Core Collection (Mainly for Face Makeup)




The Core Collection set comes in 4 different brushes to create that perfect canvas for full coverage makeup.

Pointed foundation Brush – Perfect for applying liquid foundation.

Buffing Brush – This one is mainly for powder & mineralize foundation, however i use this to blend my liquid foundation as well. It gives it a real smooth finish.

Contour Brush – This one is for contouring, it works best to powder contour.

Detailer Brush – This one can be used in many ways, to apply lipsticks or conceal in different areas.

All these brushes come in a special  paranomic case, which helps in carrying your brushes anywhere, it’s also perfect for when you have to travel. It’s not a compulsion that you have to buy this brand, you could go for any other similar brushes. I just prefer these since they are really durable and simple to work with.

Hope you enjoyed this post and was informative and helpful as well. Do comment in the box below, share and subscribe for more !


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