Why is my Hair Falling?

Hey Everyone!

A couple of you had requested me to do a blog post on hair fall, I know this is one topic we all can relate to. I am sure we all have experienced hair fall in some way or the other, either in the shower or while we brush our hair. Sometimes I would just run my fingers through my hair and would find a few strands.


Well now experts believe that 50 to 100 strands of hair fall per day are absolutely normal. So you need not  worry  too much. However if you seem to be losing more than that, or if you feel your hair is thinning down or you are getting bald in some areas then this could be due to the following factors:

Heredity –If it runs in your family then you can’t do much, it’s just in your genes. Almost 40% people suffer from hair loss due to heredity. However if this persist too much then do visit a doctor.

Hormonal Imbalance –Another important factor is your hormones,any changes in your hormones,pregnancy, menopause etc does add to hair fall. However this is temporary, once your hormones are all back to normal ,your hair fall should also stop.

Stress – This one is the worst, stress does affect your hair fall alot.From physical shock, surgery, high fever, emotional stress to your daily life stress. Any form of stress whether physical or mental affects your hair.

Diet & nutrition – What you eat shows in your hair! I truly believe in this.Healthy diet & Lifestyle plays an important role in your hair care. Fad Diets,Starvation,Sudden weight loss,lack of proteins and proper vitamins all adds up to hair loss.

Hair styling – The more you style your hair and add heat to it, the more damage you adding. Even an everyday blow dry causes your hair to get brittle and break. Bleaching, dying, colouring, harsh products all these when used on a regular basis tends to weaken hair growth. Also when you tie your hair tight into a high pony or braids also tends to make your hair brittle.

Health issues – Thyroid, PCOS, Anemia etc cause a lot of hair loss. Depending on your condition your hair loss will vary. Once your under treatment, your hair fall should also be controlled.

Deficiency of Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid : If have ruled out all the above factors and still experiencing hair loss then you may have a Deficiency of Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid, you can get this checked with a doctor.Vitamins play a very important role in hair growth.

Tips to control hair fall:

Healthy Diet– Increase your proteins, fruits & greens intake. Also drinking water helps in hair growth. So a healthy and clean diet is a must for hair care

Coconut Oil – A good head massage once a week, really help in blood circulation to the scalp. Coconut oil mixed with any other oil such as olive oil, almond oil,argan oil really helps in hair strengtheing. Also if you add neem juice, amla or methi seeds to your oil,this helps in hair fall control and makes your hair stronger and Shinnier.

Onion Juice-Onions had antibacterial properties, also its really high in sulphur which improved blood circulation to your scalp. All u need is to apply the onion juice only to your scalp and roots, along with a cotton ball and then wash your hair.

Trim your hair– Regular trims help in keeping the split ends away, so its important you take a trim like at least every 6 months or so.

Take your Multivitamins– Once you cross a particular age, having multivitamins is a must.This also helps in hair growth.


Hope you all enjoyed reading this post!

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