Best Eye Shadows & Lipstick Combination!

Hey Everyone !

Today I am going to speak about the best lipstick and eye shadow combinations. Since there are so many amazing eye shadows and lipsticks, it can get really difficult to choose the perfect pair. So I’ve put together some of my favorite combinations, hope you like this post and do let me know in the comment box which one was your favorite.


So to start with let’s talk about Neutral shadows (Black, Brown, Gold, Copper, Silver, Bronze) now these work along with any shade of lipstick. If you wearing a neutral shadow on your lid then feel free to choose any lip color. Also if you going with a Nude color on your lips then you can use any eye shadow color.

Here are some of my Best Combinations:  ( Please note in the swatches below, the lipstick is below and the eye shadow is above. please excuse the swatches 😛 )

1.Metallic Grey + Hot Pink (or any Bright Pink.)-  I love this combination, its perfect for any occasion or night out. Pair the metallic grey shadow with a nice black liner and your good to go.

12873473_10156726493985442_2049263987_o (1).jpg

 2.Champagne Shadow or Green Shadow + Orange Lipstick or Coral Lipstick – Now orange or coral lipsticks are really in trend. They perfect for the summer months. If you wearing a dark orange lipstick then pair it up with a nice champagne shadow, and for a coral or peachy shade lipstick then green shadow will look really nice .


 3.Royal Blue or Lilac Shadow + Baby Pink Lipstick – This is another all time favorite combination, now please note its either the royal blue shadow or the Lilac shadow, not both together. These shadows will match with any nude pink lip color.


4.Silver Shadow + Purple Lipstick- Any wine or purple color lipstick will go very well when paired with a silver shadow. This could be a perfect fall look.


 5.Gold Shadow + Red Lipstick – Finally we have the all time favorite red with gold. You just can’t go wrong with this one, its perfect when you wearing any Indian outfit.


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9 thoughts on “Best Eye Shadows & Lipstick Combination!

  1. Tina Thomas says:

    Hey I think it would be better if you could mention the names of the lip stick and eyeshadow . Looking forward for more such reviews goodluck!!


    • pinkapple2016 says:

      Hey tina …thanks for the suggestion, i didnt mention the name and brand so that you guys could use any shade similar from any brand….however i will keep this in mind…also let me know which shade you wanted to knw about !


      • pinkapple2016 says:

        Yes Susen these will work on most skin tones, just give them a try and see 🙂 what works on me may not work on everyone else always…but nothing like giving it a try..Most Neutrals work on all Skin tones..So yea just try and see with the other colours mostly they should work


  2. Anonymous says:

    I loved Metallic grey + Hot pink combination the most and my second choice is Gold + Red 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing this blog!!


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