Arctic Zero Ice Cream in Chocolate Flavor: Review

Hey Everyone!

Well just imagine if you could eat an entire tub of ice cream and still not put on weight! Yea you heard right, have an entire tub and not put on weight at all.


I came across this amazing ice cream brand called the Arctic Zero and the best part about this ice cream is that its only 150 calories for the whole tub(1 Litre). Now i know it could get really tempting to have the entire tub at one go, but I wouldn’t suggest that at all !

For those of you who are on a diet this one is the best, it’s a pioneer of Fit Frozen Desserts. Its made with finest quality of whey protein and sweetened with antioxidant-rich monk fruit.What makes this brand stand out the most, is that its fat-free and low on calories. It’s also low glycemic, lactose free, gluten-free and GMO free, making it the perfect zero-guilt pleasure whenever your sweet tooth strikes.

Another really awesome part about the brand is that it comes in a wide variety of flavors, they come in chocolate dipped bars as well as creamy pints. The price tag is sligthly higher as compared to the other regular ice creams, but its worth a shot.

Taste wise its a bit different if you compare it with the other regular ones, also the texture is less creamier. But its a good option if your  type-1 diabetic (insulin dependent) also for those who are on diets( like me :P).

This could be a great post workout snack since its made with whey protein, or have it when your craving for something really sweet!


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