The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Shower gel,Moisturizer:Review

12674914_10156689929425442_2072868760_o.jpgHey Everyone!

So today i am reviewing The Body Shop-Virgin Mojito Shower Gel & Body Sorbet Moisturizer for you all.Now this one is a limited Edition which was launched somewhere last year ,but it’s still available in few selected stores even now.This is the second time that I have purchased it since i love it so much.

Inspired by the Virgin Mojito Cocktail,it’s a super blend of Zest Lime and crushed Mint from the Caribbean.It leaves your skin feeling so fresh and rejuvenated ,its perfect for the summer months.


The Virgin Mojito shower gel is more of an invigorating one,it has an amazing fragrance which  keeps you feeling very cooling and refreshed.Its a soap free formula, thus  makes your skin even softer and smoother.It really lathers up a lot so making it a perfect bathing shower gel.

Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet Moisturizer is my favourite, I love most of the Sorbet moisturizer from the Body shop range but this one hands down has to be my all time favourite.Its very frosty and chilly once you apply,it has a very creamy and smooth texture.However it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily and that’s the best part about it.Use this along with the virgin mojito shower gel and after you have had a shower ,it helps in making the fragrance last even longer.


Overall thoughts

Its a must have for the summer months! Do let me know in the comment box if you have tried this range.


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