Deep Conditioning your Hair

maxresdefault.jpgHey Everyone!

I would love to share with you all my take on “Deep Conditioning your hair at home”.Now days a lot of Salons do offer different treatments to deep condition your hair,but it all comes with a heavy price.

However you can Deep Condition your hair at home in these 5 easy steps.

You will need the Following Items:

  1. Coconut oil – 1Tsp
  2. Almond oil – 1 Tsp
  3. Argan Oil(Optional)-Few Drops
  4. Deep Conditioning Hair Mask(Any brand will do)-1Tsp
  5. Medium size Towel
  6. Hair Dryer

Step 1.

Mix all the above ingredients of your choice and warm it up a bit

Step 2.

Comb your Hair and make some sections.

Step 3.

Apply the mixture to your roots ,massage it well and then apply it to the rest of your hair.Make sure you do each section well.

Step 4

Tie your hair up with your towel and then using your hair dryer just give it a quick blow dry for 5 to 10 min .This will help in locking in all the moisture.

Step 5

Just wash your hair once your done or else you could leave this on for an hour so ,also if you want to keep it over night the choice is yours.

Follow these steps girls and your sure to find a difference in your hair.Do let me know in the comment box below if you have tried this would love to hear from you all!





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