5OUKET1458464835.jpgHey Everyone!

So in this post I am going to speak to you about Dry Shampoo,I am not too sure how many of you out there are actually familiar with the whole dry shampoo concept.Of late dry shampoos have gotten very popular in alternative to the normal shampoo which you use,but trust me not all of them actually work.There are very few good ones which actually does the job of a dry shampoo.

So what exactly does a dry shampoo do ?Well to begin with, the main aim and concept of a dry shampoo is to absorb the excess oil in your scalp which makes our hair greasy( now this happens when your hair isnt washed) .So if you dont want to wash your hair on a daily basis you can alternate between your regular shampoo and the dry shampoo.However please make sure you pick a dry shampoo that doesnt end up drying your scalp too much.

The best way to apply your dry shampoo is on to the roots of your scalp.Just Spray it on to your roots ,flip your hair upside down and give it a good rub.This will leave your hair with some extra volume as well.However from my experience with several dry shampoos,I have noticed that it also depends on how  greasy your hair is.If its not washed for like 2 to 3 days then dont expect your dry shampoo to clean it for you completly.This works best on 1 or 2 non washed hair days.

My Favourite Dry Shampoos That work for me:

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo(Coconut& Exotic Tropical)- I love the fragrance of this one,it has a very tropical and refershing fragrance.Which leaves your hair feeling refreshed, it does absorb alot of your oil and gives you some nice volume.However the only downside of this one is that it does it back some white powder residue which most dry shampoos do,but just make sure you brush your hair well and your good to go
  2. BBlunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo-The name of the bottle says instant freshness,well yes it does work instantly.Also this one doesnt leave you with that much of a white powder residue.It has good volume as well.However i would love if it had a nice fragrance.


So Girls if you do try these out do let me know what you’ll think of them.Also if you know of any other product which you like and would love to share please leave me a commment in the box below!


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