Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)


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Hey Everyone!

Of late I have come across many young girls, as well as some ladies who have PCOS. So I thought to myself, why not cover this subject on my blog? it’s something which every girl should be aware off. Now, I am not going to get into extreme medical intricacies because it’s always important to get professional medical advice if you have or suspect having PCOS. Many of you gals have probably looked this up online couple of times because you may know someone who has this condition or you just need to quench your own curiosity on this disorder or for any other reason that you may have. At times one may find it difficult to understand what’s exactly mentioned online. So here’s my piece on this subject based on my experience with this disorder. I would also love to get your feedback and experience on this subject and if possible, share experiences you’ll may have that’s connected to this subject in anyway. I am always happy to expand my knowledge at every opportunity.

What’s PCOS?

Well as per my understanding, PCOS (POLYSCITIC OVARIAN SYNDROME) is a condition where in the glands producing the female sex hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) are not functioning too well, more like it’s out of balance. This leads to the formation of cysts over the ovaries. Now hey don’t be alarmed, these cysts are not harmful but they lead to hormonal imbalances, however if you get it diagnosed early and treated well the symptoms can be taken care of and long term problems can be controlled. But any persistent cysts in or on your body shouldn’t be ignored. So you gotta get that checked by the doc.

What are the Causes?

The causes of PCOS are yet unknown, however most experts believe that there could be many factors, including genetics which could play a role in causing this syndrome. They say that a woman who has PCOS “may” have a mother or sister with PCOD so you need to look out for the other women in your family too. Up till now there isn’t any sure shot deciding factor that leads to the cause of this disorder.

What are the symptoms?

Well PCOS is such a condition that it differs from woman to woman, in short two women having PCOS may not have the same symptoms. However, I will put down some of the most common symptoms one might go through.

  • Infertility (not able to get pregnant) – PCOS affects your ovulation which causes you not to ovulate in return affecting your chances of having a baby.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle- Many women with PCOS don’t get their periods on time, they will not get them for months or sometimes there are cases where they don’t get them at all.
  • Hirsutism-This mainly causes excessive hair growth over the face, chest, stomach, back, thumbs and toes.
  • Acne, oily skin and dandruff– Most women having PCOS have to face acne problems. Now being a girl this really affects us, as it brings down our confidence and makes us really upset and depressed.
  • Cysts on the Ovaries
  • Weight Gain mainly around the tummy area also some girls go through obesity.
  • Depression, Anxiety and feeling of sadness.
  • Sleep Apnea-Some women also do tend to get sleep apnea, now this is a condition where in while you are sleeping you tend to stop breathing for a short period of time like a few seconds or experience shallow breaths. Now if you are someone who is going through this, please make sure you consult your doctor ASAP.
  • Patches of skin – Some Girls tend to get skin patches which are like dark brown or even black in color over their neck, arm, breast or even thighs.
  • Male Pattern of Baldness or thinning of the Hair.

How can one Treat PCOS?

PCOS has no cure girls, treatment totally depends on what symptoms you suffer from. So basically since the Doctor cannot cure the PCOS they treat each individual on the basis of her symptoms. So let’s say if someone is suffering from irregular cycle, your gynac will treat you for that. He/she will give you treatment which will help you get your menstrual cycles back on track. Also let’s say a woman has issues with fertility, the doctor will get her treated for that seperately. So since there isn’t any cure for PCOS, your gynac will treat you according to the symptoms that you experience. However all said and done that’s more about the clinical aspect of treating PCOS, now there are many ways in which you can control your PCOS yourself by checking the following point-

  • Lifestyle changes– It’s very important to make good lifestyle changes, eat well and healthy, sleep on time, regular exercise and walks. Also make sure you are not taking any stress. Be happy and it will help you to go through this.
  • Healthy Diet– Limit processed foods, junk foods and specially food with added sugars. Add more fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains to your diet.
  • Regular Exercise– One must walk and exercise on a daily basis, this will help in weight loss and obesity.

How do I know If I have PCOS?

Now many women are not sure whether or not they really have PCOS or what exactly is the cause for their hormonal imbalance. There isn’t any sure-shot way of determining this yourself at home. So what tests should I expect from the doctor? well your doctor will probably conduct but not limited to, the following basic tests:

  • Medical history
  • Physical Examine
  • Pelvic Examine
  • Some Blood Test
  • Ultrasound of the vagina

I would like to add an important point here. If your doctor diagonisis you with PCOS that means he/she has ruled out all other hormonal imbalances. Basically this means that your doctor will consider all other conditions first and then if it isn’t any of those conditions then it could be PCOS.

So before you jump into concluding that you have PCOS please make sure you consult with an expert gynaecologist.


Hope this post was helpful, I really hope to hear back from you’ll. In this way I hope to reach out to many girls in order to educate them and make them aware. I know it’s actually a really vast subject and I have just scratched the surface of this topic on this small post but I would like to hear from you’ll about your experience and knowledge on this topic. Do feel free to ask me questions, I’ll try my best to solve them for you. If you’ll have any topic you’ll would like me to cover on this subject further or any other subject please do leave it in the comment box and I’ll try my best again to cover as many suggestions I can.


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