How important is a heat Protect ant for your HAIR??

We all know that the worst thing we do to our hair is adding more and more heat to it. Being girls we always want to add some different elements to our hair every now and then, so we blow-dry, straighten, curl, waves, crimp …yea yea I know the list is like never ending. But do you girls realize how much all this actually ends up affecting your hair.

So I suggest it’s really very important to add a Heat Protect ant each and every time you add some sort of heat to it…that means even if it’s a simple blow dry, you must add your heat Protect ant while your hair is damp and then carryon with styling your hair.

Ok now I m dam sure there are like zillions of heat protect ants out there for you to choose from, but what I really prefer is working with a heat protection spray. Mainly because its more easier to work with and less of a hassle, so my all time favorite one is the TRESEMME HEAT PROTECTOIN SPRAY – now this one I have been using since the past 3 years now and I love it .It’s really helped my hair feel way better,I use it while my hair is damp  and it also helps me detangle my knots, also I started noticing my hair feel more softer and also it has some added shine once its styled.

So whether you use this one or not, bottom line my lovelies make sure you all get your hands on a heat protection spray or leave in conditioner. It’s a must!



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