addtext_com_MDYwNDAwMjM0NDk1Hey Everyone!

Ok so this post is all about the flirty pink, sophisticated purples and Powerful Wines! I am a big fan of these shades, I love the how they look and feel, more over they are very much in trend nowadays. These shades range from summer to fall lipsticks. All are really pigmented and long lasting. Fashion Revival by MAC and Pure Garnet by L’Oreal are my personal favourites, these shades are perfect for the fall months a nice wing liner on your eyes and you’re good to go

For the Summer Months I would prefer Flat out fabulous by MAC or Relentlessly Red. These shades are very floral and bright. You could pair them up with a nice printed dress or a nice chick eye look and it would make you look so sexy and pretty.The NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in San Paulo is another really pretty Pinky nude, its not that pigmented as compared to rest but its a perfect everyday pink shade.

All of the above shades are really pretty in their own way.

Hope you all like this post and please do let me know in the comment box below which one was your favorite!!!!




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