My Top 6 Red Lipsticks


All right ladies! So I picked these 6 favourite red lipsticks which according to me will suit all skin tones. I am NC42 in MAC so anyone with the same skin tone will suit these colours well, also if you fairer or darker these colours will still suit you.

The perfect red should leave you feeling girly, confident and sexy all at once whilst ultimately being something you choose to wear and not something that wears you.
If you are not someone who wears red lipsticks, now is the right time to do so because this trend isn’t going anywhere soon

  • MAC RUBY WOO: (20$)

Classic, hyped, cult favourite. Those are a few words that can describe this Lipstick. It’s very pigmented, will last you almost 5 to 6 hours or more. Ruby Woo is a cool-toned red. I’d like to point out that most cool-toned reds can be classified as either blue based or pink based. Ruby Woo is a blue based red. Texture wise its really drying so I would suggest to add a lip balm first and then the lipstick. All in all it’s a must have.

  • MAC RUSSIAN RED: (20$)

Mac describes Russian red as an “Intense Bluish Red”, Its really dark almost like a maroon. This is a gorgeous colour which would flatter all skin tones and ages equally. Again it has a very long staying power, the texture is way better than Ruby Woo, its creamier and less drying.

  • MAC ALL FIRED UP: (20$)

All fired up is a red with a pink undertone, its more reddish pink rather than a true red. This colour is very flattering makes you look young and chick. Again its more on the dry side than creamy use it with a lip balm and your good to go for like the next 4 to 5 hours.


This lip crayon is super dark and pigmented, it’s almost a red maroon with a blue undertone. I love the texture of this lip crayon its very creamy and matte, glides on really well on the lips and doesn’t bleed either. Its economical on your pockets as well.


I love the name of this lipstick, it’s really creamy and matte. This lipstick has an orange undertone which will mostly suit Indian Skin tones. It’s nice and bright as well.


Among all the L’Oréal rouge collection I love Frieda’s red. It’s almost like a dupe for MAC RUBY WOO so if you don’t want spend like a lot on a red lipstick I would suggest you go for this one instead. Also if you are new to red lipsticks this one would be perfect for you to start with. Its creamy and matte and stays on for long. It’s a bright blue red with a cool undertone making it one of the perfect reds to wear.


One thought on “My Top 6 Red Lipsticks

  1. Camille Shern says:

    Love the shades of these red lipsticks especially Isadore. What a pretty name and I think it is wearable on Summer time too!


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