addtext_com_MDk0MDI0MTQ2Nzg5Hey Everyone!

While I was getting into makeup, I always struggled in finding the perfect nude lipstick. So I thought why not get down to making a post on some of the best nudes in my collection. These nudes have a touch of brown, pink or plum. These will work really nicely on all skin tones. Hope you find this post useful and get your perfect shade of nude.

1.Maybelline Touch of Spice- This one is a perfect Kylie Jenner Lip Colour,works well on all skin tones has a mauve undertone.Its really creamy and matte,also has a long staying wear

2.Sleek Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Birthday Me-Well this colour tends to wash me out so i need to pair it up with a lip liner (MAC SOAR) or any similar one.This works well when you mix it with any other lipshade.However i dont like the texture that much its too drying.

3.Revlon Color Burst in Sultry-This is one of my Favourite nude.Its not a perfect nude but its a really pretty everyday colour to wear with a pinkish brown undertone.Its very creamy and matte and leaves a touch of mint once applied.

4.Maybelline Color Show in Chocolatte-This is not a matte lipstick,its more of a satin finish with some shine ,it has a brown undertone making it a very wearable everyday shade.Those of you who dont like mattes ,this one is perfect for you.

5.MAC Mehr-Its from the MAC RETRO MATTE Collection.Its such a flattering colour which really goes well with most eye looks.Its a cool undertone lipstick.However the texture is really drying being a retro matte so you will need a lip balm.It has amazing staying power.

6.MAC Mocha-Another one of my favourite nudes!This one has a satin finish to it and hence i love the texture.It has a brown undertone,thus will work well on most skin tones.

7.MAC Please Me-This is another one which is from the RETRO MATTE collections by MAC,its a very cool toned lipstick with a blue undertone.I need to use a lip liner or else it tends to wash me out.Again the texture is really drying so i always use a lipbalm to make it work.None the less i love this colour is works very well with a blue or green eyeshadow.


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